More GTA V details surface, you can hunt animals and sell meat to factories

Spanish website Areajugones has revealed even more details on Rockstar’s upcoming Grand Theft Auto V. While these details haven’t been confirmed by Rockstar, they have come from “reliable sources,” like Famitsu.

Design-wise, pressing L3 on the PlayStation 3 controller will activate each character’s special ability. Much like in GTA IV, ATMs can be used to check your balance, though this time, as long as you’re playing as Michael, you can steal money from ATM machines through a minigame.

What about our homie from another mom-ie, Franklin? For him, it seems like a more typical “start from the bottom of the crime ladder” story, though his job is to restore cars from an Armenian named Simeon Yetaria.

We bid adieu to GTA IV‘s Internet cafes, and say hello to in-game social networks, with players now able to watch videos on the character’s cellphone. Much like the real-world Uber, which is an on-demand taxi service, players can pick up hitchhikers and drop them off at their destination.

Here come even more granular features. Players can drill a hole in their car’s gas tank, drive the car straight into enemies, and light the trail of gas on fire so the car blows up. Damn. In addition, any wildlife you hunt can be sold to factories, which, in turn, sell the meat to famed fictional fast-food chain restaurant, Burger Shot.

You can park your car on the street, but if you don’t put a ticket on it, your car will be towed away. You can recover your car by paying a fee, though if you don’t, your car is irrecoverable. Finally, there will be underwater exploration missions, which Rockstar considers as an entirely different game.


Source: Areajugones