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It seems as if Crysis 3 DLC is indeed coming. Following the leak of new achievements, Crytek has been releasing…

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It seems as if Crysis 3 DLC is indeed coming. Following the leak of new achievements, Crytek has been releasing teaser images on its Twitter and Facebook pages. The headline image of this post features a screenshot that is mostly obscured; however, you can still clearly see a palm tree on an island, as well as a weapon in the bottom right. While fans at first thought that Crytek was simply reminiscing about tropical locations, found in the original Crysis; it now seems clear that its intention is to get players excited for incoming content. Not only has (half of) a screenshot been released, but so has an image of a new weapon, named the CLAW. The CLAW was thought to be a gun simply cut from the final version of the game, but it looks like it will be coming to Crysis 3 soon. Gameplay of this weapon being used, along with the unconfirmed SAS-40 semi-automatic shotgun, can be found here. The big question for those still playing the game, is whether or not this DLC will be free. At the time of writing, Crysis 3 has around 700 players playing. This game’s tiny amount of concurrent players means that DLC, if it is released, will only be worthwhile if the majority of players download it. The issue with Crysis 2‘s DLC, was that hardly anyone purchased it. Many weren’t willing to invest more money into a game that was still buggy and unpolished. Those who did invest in the Crysis 2 DLC, found it hard to find matches, as there simply weren’t enough players to fill lobbies. Ideally, Crytek will make this DLC free. If players are required to pay for this new content, I’m curious as to how the developers plan to avoid the Crysis 2 crisis. They would need to ensure that DLC owners can play with non-DLC owners. I’m a big Crysis 3 fan myself, with around 80 hours of playtime, but even I am not willing to purchase DLC for this game. Make it free Crytek, and put yourself in a better light in preparation for Ryse, your upcoming Xbox One game.

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