Microsoft will not livestream Gamescom 2013 press briefing

Microsoft will not broadcast its Gamescom 2013 press briefing online, leaving those who aren’t attending the event in Cologne, Germany next week in the dark on the company’s announcements until they are reported by the media.

Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer described the upcoming event on Major Nelson Radio podcastwith Xbox’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb.

“Most of the time will be spent with the press getting time with the developers and their games,” Spencer said. “You should think about this as a room with a lot of hands-on.”

“The nice thing about the way the showcase is shaping up is people at home will have access to it. Streaming is probably not the way to do it because it will be like watching a party that you’re not at. So what we’re going to do is, throughout the day, we’re going to take video snippets from the floor and release them on the Xbox Wire.”

Xbox Wire is Microsoft’s website that supplies assets like videos and images for the press to use in their stories.

Microsoft previously broadcasted both the reveal of the Xbox One and its E3 press conference online. Sony, Microsoft’s competitor, will livestream its PlayStation event next week, where it’s expected to make announcements regarding the PlayStation 4.

Spencer went on to say, “We’re gonna [sic] have a really short stage presentation with some news, talking about some unique exclusive coming to the platform.” “We’re going to talk about Europe’s biggest franchise and maybe some interesting things.”