Microsoft very interested in bringing No Man’s Sky to Xbox One

You may have heard of No Man’s Sky. You may not have. One thing’s for sure though: you should definitely keep an eye on it.

Announced at this year’s VGX, it is a procedurally generated space exploration game in development by Hello Games. Speaking with OXM, ID@Xbox program director Chris Charla expressed great interest in bringing the game over to the Xbox One.

“I would be super-psyched if they want to bring that game to Xbox,” he said.

He continued, “We are obviously huge evangelists for our platform,”. “We think it’s rad – some of the things you can do with Kinect and SmartGlass and our controller and the impulse triggers are super-cool. So we’re constantly out advocating our platform, and we hope that developers give us a call.”

Hello Games described No Man’s Sky as a “next-gen game”. Just a day after the VGX, senior business development manager of SCEE, Shahid Kamal responded to a fan’s inquiry on Twitter about whether PlayStation fans would see the game on the PS4, to which he replied, “what do YOU think? : )”.

Currently the game has only been announced for the PC, but given the aggressive indie initiatives by both Microsoft and Sony, it would be a safe bet to expect it on both platforms some time in the future.