Microsoft sending birthday “gifts” to Xbox Live Rewards members, makes heavy use of your printer

If a NeoGAF user’s post is anything to go on, it seems like Microsoft wants to wish Xbox Live Rewards members a happy birthday by making use of their printers, one sheet at a time.

NeoGAF user Necromancer received a message from the Xbox Live Rewards Squad, wishing the user a very happy birthday. As an interesting “present,” Necromancer got linked to an Xbox Live Rewards birthday “cake,” which is actually several images that, when printed and put together, looks like a birthday cake…except it’s not delicious.

Of note is Microsoft used to send Xbox Live Rewards members 20 Microsoft Points when it’s their birthday, which amounted to roughly 25 cents.

The P.E. Perspective: Some forum users aren’t extremely happy by this, but I don’t really know what users expected. It’s a nice gesture by the Xbox Live Rewards team, and if people wanted something like free Microsoft Points or something…well, sorry.

Source: NeoGAF