Microsoft reminding gamers that they’ve done a “180″ on DRM for the Xbox One, sends newsletter

By now, chances are you’ve heard of Microsoft’s “180″ when it comes to their DRM reversal, but what about the other people who don’t frequent gaming sites, forums and the like? Well, it seems the company is now also sending newsletters reminding people that yes, they’ve reversed their stance when it comes to people owning their games.

NeoGAF user shagg_187 has received a newsletter with Microsoft emphasizing that “your” Xbox One will mean “your” choice, “your” games, “your” time and even “your” call if you want to take online or not.


I gather Microsoft really wants this image in every gamers hands — especially since the Xbox One’s release is but a few months away.

Hopefully, Microsoft remembers this and doesn’t attempt to restrict our games in the future.