Masterchief might not be the protagonist in Halo 5, expect to see a lot more Halo games – Rumour

Here’s some interesting news, and depending on how you take it depends on the result. GamerFitNation recently held an interview with Kevin Grace, to talk about HALO: Spartan Assault.

Apparently BlackBible, who was conducting the interview was told something before the camera was rolling when he said “Halo 5 is coming to next gen”, and Kevin replied with “Wait, no one confirmed Halo 5“. But when the camera was rolling Kevin said:

“We’re not done with Masterchief, obviously the big teaser we had at E3 there’s more fun coming for him. Whether that’s Halo 5 whether that’s something else we’ll talk about that later, but we’re not done with chief in the shooters not by a long shot.”

The P.E Perspective:

It’s likely GamerFitNation know something we don’t; but going from what I heard it sounds like Master Chief won’t be the protagonist in Halo 5, maybe it’s his son or something bonkers.