Major Nelson reiterates that E3 will be all about the games for Xbox One

Xbox UK marketing director Harvey Eagle strongly claimed that E3 will be all about the games for the Xbox One. In a Q&A session with users today, Major Nelson reaffirmed that.

While mostly containing non-answers, one tidbit we picked up was that, much like Eagle strongly states, E3 will be centered around games for the Xbox One:

Q: Why do you think gamers should buy Xbox One?
A: Today’s gamers want access to great games… the Xbox One will have great games powered by Xbox LIVE. We’ve worked hard to create the ultimate all-in-one console. BTW: We have a LOT more gaming news to share at E3 🙂

Microsoft has to deliver during E3 this year. The Xbox One reveal event got quite a bit of flak for not showcasing enough games, among other things. We’ll have to wait and see if Major Nelson’s answer comes to fruition.

Source: Gematsu