Major Nelson: “Looking forward” as the “truth comes out” regarding PS4 being 30% superior vs. Xbox One

Following Albert Penello’s recent comments regarding Sony’s “exaggerating about the apparent 30% power advantage that the PS4 has over the Xbox One, Microsoft’s Larry” Major Nelson “Hyrb has added his thoughts to the mix. 

Posting on Reddit, Hyrb defended his colleague, and said

Albert is one of the most amazing people I’ve been to podcast a few weeks ago. I jab him a bit about posting on ‘GAF (fact: they would not approve my account of there) but he’s smart and driven. So it’s right: We have some of the smartest programmers in the world working on Xbox One. I am looking forward to the next few months (and beyond) as the truth comes out. 

Hyrb sounds enthusiastic, and with some of the “smartest programmers working in the world on the Xbox One”, there’s a reason to exhibit confidence in the next-gen console.