M16A3 removed from Battlefield 4 multiplayer, DICE confirms

Update: I’ve included a short video from our YouTube channel, in which I tell viewers the news, and what it really means for Battlefield 4.

The M16A3 was often deemed the “most overpowered weapon” in Battlefield 3. It was definitely one of the most popular weapons, and there was a lot of controversy surrounding it.

The M16A3 had low recoil and insane accuracy. It was like a laser beam, and a personal favourite of mine when needing to don my “tryhard pants”.

However, the weapon annoyed a lot of people, and many complaints were made. Now it seems that DICE have heard the whining, and have opted to remove the fully automatic M16A3 from the release build of Battlefield 4‘s multiplayer. Alan Kertz, lead core gameplay designer on BF4, repeatedly confirmed this on Twitter:

The M16A4 will still remain, which is a burst-fire variant, but there will no longer be the full-auto death laser.

The “M16A3″ you may have seen in gameplay footage, is in fact a mislabelled M16A4, which has now been corrected:

What do you guys think of this? Did you consider the weapon overpowered in Battlefield 3?