Left 4 Dead 3 spotted on Steam

An enterprising developer discovered a reference to Left 4 Dead 3 on Valve’s Steamworks Development site and was quickly banned for the hack. Using a “brute force” approach, he posted his finds stating, “there were lots of interesting things I found. L4D3 was the most interesting although it hasn’t been updated in months so it may be dead.” Another interesting item was a reference to Source 2 – the widely rumored game engine that we expect most of the ’3′ titles to be developed with.

We’ve seen (and contributed) to plenty of Valve rumors in the past, but this one seems pretty legit. After a little digging, we’ve found the original poster is in fact a software engineer in Atlanta, has contributed to a few different Source/Steam software forums, and his personal webpage is simply a short video made in Source Film Maker.

kSsbw2YPreviously Valve has stated they will have nothing to show at E3 this year, so we’re not expecting any breaking news about L4D3, but we’d love to be surprised.

With regards to the Source 2 reference, we figure the Valve team is working hard on developing the replacement for the aging Source engine that has brought them all the success with their previous releases, and if there was a L4D3 or HL3 in the works, it would be developed with the new engine.

We’ve reached out to Valve for a comment, and will update accordingly.