Killzone Shadow Fall will ship with 10 multiplayer maps as well as 6 free DLC maps

As Guerrilla Games get ready to move their Killzone franchise over to the PlayStation 4, they stopped by at the EuroGamer Expo to give a talk about the new additions to the series as it prepares itself for the next-gen of consoles.

There has been plenty of information about the game since it was revealed all the way back at the PlayStation 4 reveal in February, and now we have some information regarding the multiplayer maps as well. They revealed during their presentation that they would be shipping the game with 10 multiplayer maps as well as some “competitive multiplayer dlc maps” for free.

That is a pretty decent amount of maps to be included in the game, on par with what Battlefield 4 will have at launch as well. The extra 6 DLC maps f0r free is a nice touch as well, I’m trying to remember the last time a well known FPS gave out free maps rather than bundling them in a map pack.

During the presentation they said that they don’t “want to splinter off our audience into different groups,” which is a nice thing for them to be doing. Hopefully they stick to their word later on down the line though.

What do you guys think to the multiplayer maps from the little thumbnails we can see? They certainly look vibrant and very varied it has to be said.