Kevin Conroy will be returning for Batman: Arkham Origins

We’ve previously reported on NAG Magazine’s claim that Kevin Conroy wouldn’t be returning for Batman: Arkham Origins. Well, it looks as if we all might have got it wrong. In a Q&A session at Dallas Comic-Con, Conroy announced that he has been working on the “next Arkham game” for the past “nine or ten months”, and claimed the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) is what kept him from talking about the project.

In the interview, Conroy describes the upcoming Arkham title as, “an unbelievable game,” with a “huge cast” and a “big story” that is “just amazing.”

We’re cranked for the news that the 58 year old who has been the voice of almost every animated and game-related version of Batman since 1993′s ‘Mask of the Phantasm‘ will be returning once again to voice the Caped Crusader.