John Carmack thanks Notch for inspiration to jump to Oculus

John Carmack has publicly credited Notch (Markus Persson) for being the inspiration to jump over to Oculus in a short exchange on Twitter. In the tweets, Carmack tells Notch it was “something you wrote” that led to the final decision to leave id Software, but as of yet, we’re not 100% sure what this inspiring text might be.

Not one to take the praise without his trademarked humility, Notch goes on to compliment Carmack saying, “Thank you, dreams (literal) about programming a Doom engine kept me going.”

It’s not too often we see this sort of camaraderie between developers, at least not as publicly as this.

We’ve previously reported on Carmack’s jump to Oculus here, and will be digging to see if we can find the inspirational writing by Persson. Oh, and we’re pretty sure Carmack is going to need to change his Twitter handle too.

Edit: We found a recently blog post on Notch’s Tumblr that might have something to do with Carmack’s decision. In the post on August 19, Notch talks about why he doesn’t want to continue making 0x10c and says:

Recently, I was streaming some Team Fortress 2, and got asked about the progress on 0x10c. I said I wasn’t working on it, and it became news. I understand why, and it really shouldn’t surprise me, but I really really don’t want to turn into another under delivering visionary game designer. The gaming world has enough of those.

A link to the full post is here on Notch’s Tumblr.

Source: Twitter