Irate gamers take to internet over game breaking bugs in Batman: Arkham Origins

Update: We’ve added some links to the Steam Forum pages, Angry Joe’s rant and the WB Games Support pages. It appears as if the glitches and bugs are more significant than we first thought.

Gamers are reporting that they’re finding lots of bugs in Batman: Arkham Origins, and some notable ones break the game completely, meaning you can no longer progress through the storyline.

In one bug, to reach a battle with with Fire Fly, you must charge up an elevator, but the elevator simply doesn’t respond. This means that you can back track and fast travel, do side missions and free roam but not progress on the actual mission. Which, I believe is a story mission. This bug came from a friend of mine, but has also been mentioned on GameFAQS. Warner Bros are yet to send out a fix, but we’ll keep you posted.

Another bug that has a lot of people talking is the bug in the Burnley communication tower. In this bug, Batman gets stuck climbing into a vent and can’t move. You can’t drop down, fly away…nothing. You basically have to escape from the game and reload – but you can’t continue at all. Angry Joe ranted about it here.

Steam Forum pages are filled with a litany of complaints and frustrations, with one Bugs and Crashes report page seeing over 80 pages of posts.

We’ve also seen Destructoid give the latest in the Batman series a 3.5 out of 10 – partly for having these huge bugs and glitches, and our review is forthcoming – stay tuned for that.

CrashWiki are currently running through all issues and looking for fixes, so keep your eyes on that too if you’ve been affected by a bug.

It seems as if Warner Bros Games will have to work overtime on getting these bugs fixed, and if their support page is any indication, they are working on it.