“Insider” claims more Xbox One games to run at 900p, Microsoft dev responds

NeoGAF user CBOAT has been know for releasing information on the Xbox One before anyone else. He predicted more or less all of Microsoft’s E3 conference.

Now he’s taken to NeoGAF to say that Microsoft should have waited until 2014 before releasing the Xbox One, CBOAT has his own crazy moon language that we’ve translated:

“I hope you aren’t fans of 1080P on Xbox One. When hardware is released you’ll see what I mean about issues. Upclocks too risk everywhere, 2014 was a better idea. Sounds like there’ll be problems a-la Xbox 360 with reliability and it was rushed out to be in 2013 rather than 2014 when planned.


I never said anything about Forza being 1080p, but they should make it. Exception, not the rule though, never mind trying to match eyecandy thanks to esram, 720p- 900p will be the norm on xbone just you watch”

This basically means that Microsoft seem to have rushed our their contender for the next-gen, and that comes through when you’re playing. But we must remember, this is tagged as a rumour for a reason.

But, a confirmed Xbox One developer has taken to Reddit to respond to these claims, saying that CBOAT is using hardware that is made for stress testing.

“I actually am aware of that and know a few of them. You should know we’ve gotten many devkits throughout this past year.

The console in question is a zebra turned stress machine for hardware/heat issues testing.”

Thanks Reddit