Indirect Amnesia sequel, A Machine for Pigs to launch September 10

Remember Amnesia: The Dark Descent? It launched a couple of years back and people loved it, it’s one of the highest received survival horror games to date.

On September 10, you should be able to play the indirect sequel, Amnesia: A machine for pigs, it was revealed by Amnesia developer’s The Chinese Room official twitter account.

So, the secret is out- Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs is set for release on 10th September! Can’t wait for all you little piggies to play it.

— The Chinese Room (@ChineseRoom) August 16, 2013

Thanks, NeoGAF user The M.O.B

Pre-order it now from G.o.G for $15.99,giving you 20% off.

Here’s some screenshots too!