Indie group developing Battlefront 3 using CryEngine3

An independent group of developers is putting together a third installment in the popular Star Wars: Battlefront series using the CryEngine 3 game development engine. Entitled Star Wars: BattleCry, the indie group is hoping to launch the alpha version sometime later this year, but all bets are off on a solid release date.

Billed as a “standalone ‘spiritual successor” to the Battlefront series, the group (comprised mostly of college students who are inspired by the Star Wars universe) is attempting to deliver, “a high quality game with modern visuals and exciting gameplay.” According to the synopsis on their webpage, the team describes their vision and mission as:

dedicated to bringing you the Battlefront experience once again but with the possibility of all new game modes never before seen in the Battlefront series and seamless ground-to-space combat creating some of the biggest battles ever seen in a Star Wars game.

Some things we know about the game development is the following taken from their FAQ:

  • completely free, standalone game that runs on CryEngine 3
  • no port for consoles
  • the game will most likely be multiplayer only. Single player campaign only if popular enough
  • there will be an option to switch between 1st and 3rd person views
  • some customization of classes, but nothing that strays too far from original Battlefront titles
  • there will be ground maps with usable aircraft. Space-to-ground is a possibility
  • maximum of 32 players either side, depends on how the engine copes with the high demand

Obviously, making a Star Wars title brings the question of legality to the front of any conversation, but the team is confident they won’t be receiving a cease and desist letter from Disney any time soon due to the fact the title will be completely free. A recent post on Reddit showed some Redditors were not so optimistic.

Some Redditors have even suggested making the game true to the spirit of the Battlefront series, but with a different name and IP. Yet, the BattleCry team seems sure the game will see the light of day regardless of legal wranglings or hassles from Disney. With LucasArts now closed, and Disney apparently licensing out various titles in their inventory, it is certainly possible BattleCry will get out there, so we’ll stay tuned and see how this one develops.

For more information on Star Wars: BattleCry check out some of their pages below.

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Source: Reddit