In Brazil, a total of 0 PS4s have so far been sold

Update: As some commenters have noted, it appears there are indeed PlayStation 4 units being sold through unofficial channels via the grey market.

With the PlayStation 4 finally launched worldwide at this point, there’s one nation where the price to nab one could cost you an arm and a leg. I’m talking about Brazil. The PS4 was officially released there this Friday, and at a whopping $1,850, the most expensive anywhere in the world, it’s not too surprising that not many units had been sold. Sony has commented that the extremely high rate of taxes and import fees affects the price of the item in the country.

What’s nuts is that up until the time of publishing of this report via G1 news network in Brazil, no PS4 units had been sold. No sales occurred at midnight, and G1 reporters were at various retail outlets and saw no lines, no visible posters or banners even advertising the product and its launch games. Apparently, any potential customer had to seek a sales clerk in store to even know of the existence of the device and its location in store, as many were hidden behind boxes and other obstacles.

The article continues that while this is what is going on with the PS4 launch in the country, Microsoft and Nintendo held public events and stores were at the ready in the first minutes within opening to sell units of their consoles to customers. TV ads were held for them as well, while no such activity was conducted by Sony.

At this point, it’s anyone’s guess how well the system will do in Brazil, but fortunately for Sony at least, the PS4 is enjoying massive global success.