Here’s our first look at Valve’s Steam Machines prototype

Ever since Valve announced that they’re set to assault the living room with their “Steam Machines,” a lot of people have understandably been curious just how these new gaming consoles will look.

While we’ve yet to see any official product pictured, we’ve got the next best thing. In an interview with the SeattleTimes, Valve not only talked about their PC-console hybrid, but also showed of one of the prototypes they’ve been using.

Ready? Here you go.

And yes, if you’re thinking that they look like Xbox 360’s, I agree with you. But keep in mind, though, these are NOT final hardware designs and since Valve has stated that more than one company can release these Steam Machines, expect different looking ones once they’re released.

In the same article, it was revealed that the Steam Controller Valve designed from scratch was built in workshops the company “cobbled” together in Bellevue and with “tools” scavenged from Valve boss, Gabe Newell.

Make sure to give the entire piece a read to know more what Valve has in store for its PlayStation 4, Xbox One combatant.