Here are the challenges that will launch with the Xbox One, includes TV challenges

We just revealed the details about Dead Rising 3‘s season pass and now we have found the challenges that will available for you to grab when the Xbox One launches:


Madden – Complete a game of football during the two week period of launch – Reward – Calvin Johnson MUT Item
Fifa – Play 5 online Matches -Reward: EAS FC Reward
NBA Live 14 – Win 12 head to head seasons games by Christmas – Reward: Bronze premium pack
Skylanders – Defeat 25 Golems – No Reward
Just Dance – Earn 25 stars – Reward: 50 Mojo bonus
Need for Speed – Bank 5 million SP during a promotional period – No Reward
Xbox fitness – Complete three workouts during launch week – Reward: Loyalty card stamps
Zoo Tycoon – Release 50 Barbary lions into the wild to raise awareness – Reward: Barbary lion artwork
Lego Marvel Superheroes – Collect 2 billion studs before 31st of December – No reward
Battlefield 4 – Play 100 rounds in any game mode in first 14 days of launch – No reward
Forza – Drive 100 miles before 12/31/13 – Reward: Badge and Title
Crimson Dragon – Collect 50 experience seeds reward- artwork 101
FXNow – Watch 3 episodes form any original show – No reward (Possibly US or UK exclusive)
FXNow – Watch any episode or movie by jan 7th – No reward
Crackle – Watch every episode of the show featuring horseless caridges, cafes and whimsical laughter – No reward