Headsets that use Bluetooth for chat won’t work with the PS4

Microsoft has its own headset woes with the Xbox One, and it looks like Sony is about to get a dose of the uh-ohs. According to Sony, there are a few things you’ll have to keep in mind with whatever headset you choose to use for your PlayStation 4.

Here is how it will work. If you decide to use a Sony-branded PULSE headset, including the elite edition of the headset, then you will be just fine. However, it appears that it won’t work at launch, since Sony will issue a system update sometime in the future. The same goes for any headset that uses USB for chat.

Unfortunately, headsets that depend on Bluetooth for chat will not work. No update will remedy that, so might as well not use them. Even so, headsets that use digital optical for game audio will work just fine, with no update planned for compatibility.

If you choose to not have any headset of any kind before you get your PS4, however, no worries – the console will come with one.

Source: Game Informer