Grand Theft Auto 5 latest online patch causing consoles to freeze, characters still missing

Update: Here are two fixes:

Confirmed: this one worked for our staff member, Zarmena: sign in and out several times, keep trying to download – on her third attempt it worked.

Other methods:

From a user on the forums – “Wait like 30 seconds before you press x to continue with the update”

Via Gameranx:

– Go to PS3 menu
– Go to Game data tools (where the install content is located 8gb)
– Delete the file with version 1.01 or 1.02 (~39mb)

Original story:

The latest Grand Theft Auto 5 39MB patch was meant to resolve everything. But instead it seems to be killing the actual console. Some things are just too good to be in the hands of mortals.

Users on the Grand Theft Auto forums report that the patch causes the console to freeze, and the only way to stop it from freezing is to unplug it all from the mains. Users also report that for the most part, their characters are still gone.

The patch apparently isn’t up on Xbox Live yet, so we don’t know how the consoles will react when it does go live there. For every fix and update, we’ll update this post. So keep your eyes peeled.