Gears of War: Judgment will let players “buy” double XP as microtransactions

In a rather unsettling piece of news, Gears of War: Judgment will allow players to “buy” double XP boosts via microtransactions for the game’s multiplayer.

Epic Games is selling of these XP boosts in packs; starting with 80 Microsoft Points for a 10-match pack, 320 MS Points for a 50-match pack, 560 MS Points for 560 100 matches and a 200-match pack for 800 MS Points.

Players who to “save” on this “feature” can opt to buy the game’s VIP Season Pass for a “permanent” double XP boost.

Let’s hope this isn’t a precedent for multiplayer in games. While getting double XP for every match won’t necessarily mean you’ll be a better player, it will, however, give you earlier access to more equipment, guns and other unlockable stuff.

Are you fine with this “feature” to crop up in other games? Maybe for those who are time-strapped, but is this a start of “paying to win” even for non-F2P games?

Source: Videogamer