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While a ton of Battlefield 4 info has already been divulged at this year’s gamescom, we’re not done just yet….

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While a ton of Battlefield 4 info has already been divulged at this year’s gamescom, we’re not done just yet.

DICE has been revealing more and more info during its BF4 live-stream and fortunately for you, we’ve been keeping tabs. Listed below — with the help of YouTube video producer Luetin and our own observations — are all the info we collected.

Broken down below in bullet-point form are details on the recently-revealed Obliteration game mode, answers on whether if there are dynamic day/night cycles in-game, if bullets are affected by wind a lot more.

Obliteration game mode details:

  • Focus around the bomb all the time
  • Bomb is always indicated on the map
  • Bomb delay before it is respawned allows team to move around
  • You’re blinking red all the time
  • You’re marked on the map all the time
  • Obliteration is a very fast game mode, rounds can be over in as fast as 5 minutes
  • Two Parachute drop points on Obliteration for players
  • If you get taken down in water carrying the bomb, the bomb will float
  • When the bomb is planted it’s about half the time of a normal MCOM to detonate – Confirmed by Dennis Brannvall, DICE MP Gameplay designer
  • Bombs are in a number of random points, they may add more so that it feels unpredictable
  • Always will spawn on the main central island but in a random point
  • So far it seems that once you pickup the bomb in Obliteration you cannot drop it – plant it or death (confirmed by BF4-caster Corey Dunn on the live-stream)
  • Tactical depth to how do you approach the objective: Do you go head on and run, or let the enemy pickup then kill-steal and take to an Objective (via Patrick Bach)
  • Ship will crash into island like in CQ (via Patrick Bach)

Domination game mode:

  • More or less like Conquest, but fast-paced agile version
  • Control and hold flags, doesn’t take as long to cap and fewer flags and faster gameplay.
  • The goal is to have it focus on infantry but potentially have light vehicles
  • So its essentially like Conquest Domination but on standard maps not just small maps (i.e: BF3′s Close Quarters expansion)

Gameplay changes/details:

  • Charges for the Defibs not as easy as it was, you can see the Medic “charging” it before use
  • The player counts will be spread across the squads so some 5 some 4
  • Does wind affect sniper bullets: No
  • Does it affect helicopters: No
  • Does the sun move and do we have dynamic day/night: No
  • Does bullet trajectory change as it hits water: Bullets lose strength (not 100% confirmed)
  • When running through water you actually raise your weapon upSix camo categories
  • Spectator mode confirmed for next-gen consoles
  • Gyrostabilizer – allows you to be more maneuverable in the air, but when you get into combat it stabilizes itselfJavelin functions just as in BF3
  • Vehicle Camouflage – confirmed.
  • BF4 Premium package is available from release so you can get expansions at launch
  • You cant spam the F key for counter knife, you have to hit at the right time to initiate a counter knifeCan’t comment on dinosaurs yet (via Patrick Bach)

BattlePacks – things you get in the game could be different but they are things that help you out a bit or boost you up

DICE producer Patrick Bach on Levolution:

Bach on “Levolution” concept: The concept is to create dynamic environments, Levolution more than a wall being blasted, more or less “everything is destructible. open and close doors, working elevators, etc.

On turning Levolution “off:” DICE looking into being able to turn it off/limit if it will cause problems. Players will get different Levolution aspects depending on the game mode.

Will all maps have Levolution: Yes, applied in all maps

Keep in mind that the game is still not finished. So some of the details listed above could still change in the final version.

For more on BF4, be sure to check out the Paracel Storm multiplayer trailer, our first teaser look at the China Rising expansion, and read up on the BF4 beta and BF4 Premium details.

Are you liking what you’ve seen of BF4 so far or is too similar to BF3?

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