Gamers petition for Steam to add subtitles to game listings

A personal friend of mine recently started a petition, over two days she has managed to gain over 100 signatures. She’s a hardcore gamer, and want something pretty simple; the ability to check for subtitles in games. Kristina, who started the petition has hearing loss, something which apparently affects around 10% of Americans.

Her petition reads:

“For the past 7 years I have had a severe hearing loss. There has been several games on Steam I have purchased that do not have subtitles and are unplayable for me. This is due to the fact Valve has not bothered to mention on games store pages on Steam if a game does or does not have subtitles, and if it does in which language it has them.”

She added to her petition:

“It doesn’t have to be much, just a small icon on the store page, even an [S] showing it has subtitles, then hover over it to see which languages are supported (just a small idea)

If DVD’s bother to let us know if a DVD is subtitled or not then why not games?”

It makes perfect sense, some people just like having subtitles, me included. I was actually the first guy to sign this after Kristina started the petition…The petition is looking for 5000 signatures in total, you can sign it here.