Fourth-graders use Minecraft to keep in touch with their deported friend in Mexico

Being a kid in a world where immigration issues seem to be top priority for developed nations is not easy. Gone are the days when people walked the earth freely. Now, it seems that it’s easier to walk around in a video game world.

Rodrigo Guzman, 10, was recently deported to Mexico along with the rest of his family while they were on their way to Mexico to renew their visas. They’ve been told that it may take up to five years for them to get new visas. This hasn’t gone down well with Rodrigo and his friends who don’t quite understand what immigration is.

Alongside launching a protest to bring their friend back, the fourth-graders have turned to Minecraft to keep in touch with Guzman. The kids plan to build a video game world called “Rodrigo’s World” in which they’ll be able to hang out and little Guzman won’t be left behind despite being on the other side of the border. Students and their families have rented a server to install Minecraft and create their own private haven, which can be accessed from anywhere.

“We just wanted to be able to hang out somewhere with Rodrigo where none of this other stuff mattered,” said his friend Scott. Ah, the world we live in!