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While DICE is already hard at work on Battlefield 4, that hasn’t stopped people from pining for the franchise’s spin-offs…

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While DICE is already hard at work on Battlefield 4, that hasn’t stopped people from pining for the franchise’s spin-offs — namely, Bad Company 3 and a sequel to Battlefield 2142.

Speaking of the latter, former DICE producer Gordon Van Dyke, who’s now the executive producer for Paradox Interactive’s War of the Roses, is one of those people even if he’s not with DICE anymore.

Van Dyke, who has worked on a plethora of Battlefield titles, which includes Battlefield 2142, thinks that a sequel to BF2142 on the Frostbite engine would be “amazing,” but at the same time, asks if DICE has “got the balls” to leave the “safe haven” of the modern warfare setting.

What’s more, in a subsequent Twitter conversation, Van Dyke states that when he worked on BF2142, they didn’t hit the game’s full potential, but thinks with the right leadership, this can be doable.

When someone on Twitter said that he thinks DICE can do it and that he’d be in a better position to know if they can, Van Dyke mentions he’s been gone way too long and adds that he thinks DICE lacks “veteran leadership” to do so, too.

For those not familiar with BF2142, it was a Battlefield game released in 2006, where DICE leapfrogged the modern warfare setting for a futuristic one set in the 22nd century. It, of course, had a robust multiplayer mode that included Battlefield staples such as having multiple classes, vehicles, persistent rankings and unlocks, Conquest game mode and fan-favorite, Titan mode.

In Battlefield 3’s expansions, there have been multiple Easter Eggs to BF2142 that made players jump to the conclusion that either an expansion set in the game’s timeline was in development, or that a full-fledged game was in the works.

However, if there is one brewing now, can DICE leave the warm blanket of the modern warfare setting since it’s, y’know, the “hot” timeline for the military FPS sub-genre at the moment?

Also, not instigating anything here, but that last tweet might not be appreciated by some of DICE’s senior staff, no?

Do you agree with Van Dyke’s statements? And more importantly, do you think DICE has the cojones to leave the modern warfare setting for a new Battlefield game? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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