Former Bad Company lead designer on Bad Company making a comeback: “It won’t be the same with us gone”

We reported earlier today that the Bad Company franchise for Battlefield could be making a comeback after all the years of speculation about whether or not it will.

David Goldfarb, who was previously the lead designer and writer for Bad Company 2, and now working on Payday 2, has replied to Polygon on Twitter to say that it “won’t be the same.”

A very fair point from David it has to be said. Just because you own the rights to franchise doesn’t mean you will still be able to make it as awesome as it once was. It is all down to the team, and if the team has left then well, you will struggle to match what people were expecting it to be.

There was some speculation a while back that the next Battlefield could end up being Battlefield: Bad Company 3, which of course it isn’t. I know a lot of people really want to see the franchise come back but I think they will be left disappointed if it does, especially now that many of the guys that made the franchise, are no longer at DICE.

Source: NeoGAF