Final Fantasy Versus XIII Renamed to FF XV, to be exclusive to the PS4 – Rumor

In what could either be the biggest load of poppycock or the most surprising news of the day, VGLeaks is now reporting that Square Enix “vaporware” game Final Fantasy Versus XIII has now been been renamed as Final Fantasy XV. What’s more, Sony is supposedly co-developing the game, which makes it a PS4 exclusive.

While we normally don’t post outrageous claims such as this one, VGLeaks has been known to be right on these things from time to time. If true, this would explain how Square Enix has seemingly hidden Final Fantasy Versus XIII from the public eye after revealing it a few years ago.

File this one under the rumor cabinet until confirmed by Square Enix or Sony, alright? And as always, treat these things with a big bag of salt.

Would you be fine if FF Versus XIII was rolled as Final Fantasy XV and as a PS4 exclusive? Are there even people who believe FF Versus XIII is even going to come out this gen?