Final Fantasy IX secret side-quest found after 13 years

Here we have news of a previously undiscovered secret mission found in Final Fantasy IX.

A side-quest, discovered by The_Kusabi_, was found hidden away at the beginning of the final disc. The obscure mission requirements probably explain why it has only just been discovered now, 13 years after release.

Players must head to the dungeon called Memoria, defeat a boss, and then head all the way back to a hideout. They must then repeat this process seven more times, in order to earn a special ring.

The complete details of the mission, as well as gameplay, can be found below.

This side-quest seems extremely tedious, with lots of backtracking involved. Nonetheless, it is still pretty damn incredible that, in a game as popular as Final Fantasy IX, one mission has remained a secret until now.

Source: GameFAQs