Fez price announced on Steam, Phil Fish says to be grateful

Fez price announced on Steam, Phil Fish says to be grateful

Authored by Rob Newberry

2268085-fez3Say what you want about Phil Fish, but you have to agree he’s a master of getting people’s attention. Polytron recently announced the pre-order date for Fez would be April 22 on Steam and GOG.com and added the pre-order sales would be discounted by 10%. After the post received a few negative comments about the pricing, Fish expressed his feelings (as he does) on Twitter with the following comment:

Not one to leave well enough alone, Fish continued the diatribe (as he does) with this beauty of a tweet that reached the ‘epic’ level of Internet trolling

You read it correctly. At this point, the public relations train completely derailed with the next few tweets:

As you would expect, the tweets generated their fair share of backlash and cited Fish’s appearance in Indie Game: The Movie as evidence the creator of Fez is little more than a rather unpleasant fellow who doesn’t deserve the sales. A Reddit post urging gamers not to buy Fez made the front page of r/gaming and the comments were both interesting and hilarious as you might expect (example):

I don’t know about you, but I actually like Phil Fish. From everything I’ve read about the guy and seen in IG:TM, he went through a hell of a lot of pressure and trolling during the lengthy development of Fez, and we all know the gaming community can be extraordinarily harsh at times. Fish is a real character who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and who knows – perhaps we’ll never see anything else from him or Polytron in the future.

Yet, Fez is a great little game that has sold over 200,000 copies already on XBLA and amassed a nice list of awards and accolades – including an 89 on Metacritic.

It seems a little harsh to boycott a good game because the designer is a little eccentric and outspoken. I’ll even go as far as saying Fish is occasionally crass and rude – but he’s also sensitive sometimes and you have to wonder how the collective acrimony fuels a lot of what he says.

Fez pre-orders are available April 22 and the game releases on Steam May 2, 2013…and I’ll be buying one.