Far Cry 4 set for Q4 2014 release, Rainbow 6 for Vita in development — Rumor

While Far Cry 4‘s existence is almost a certainty given Far Cry 3‘s success, it looks like we can now peg a release window for the title. If NeoGAF user Kaysee is to be believed. Kaysee, who leaked Ubi’s sale of games last May, just before E3 has now been vindicated with his “leak” turning out to be legit.

The rumours he posted before E3 listed all of Ubisoft’s upcoming games, before they were announced. Including Black Flag, Rayman for the Vita, The Division and The Crew.

But in the early rumours that he got right, he also claimed there would be a Rainbow 6 on the Vita, a Far Cry 1 HD remake, and Far Cry 4 on the way. These are the only games that are missing from the predictions; so it seems reasonable that we’ll see these appear at some point. However, Rainbow 6 is currently in a limbo state, which means the Vita version could potentially be canned.

The P.E perspective:

I think it’s obvious we’ll see a Far Cry 4 release, it’s just a question of when. I actually loved Rainbow 6, so I’d be devastated to see it go