UPDATED: Fallout 4 audio for trailer leaked, morse code message hidden in the audio – Rumour


Thanks to readers Daniel and EzioCroft for letting us know that this is actually a fake, Poopfucker who made the rumour said:

“PS I cant believe I managed to coax so many people into a snafu with a 10 minute Audacity edit BTW, I used the End of the world song in a radio station mod a buddy and I made for NV – look up McElroys Classix Radio”

So yeah, damn.


There have been a bunch of rumours about Fallout 4, especially recently, we reported that the game was secretly shown at E3, then we heard rumours of an announcement date and, we found a trademark filing too. But this is probably the biggest rumour, YouTube user Ella Deux posted it after Reddit user “Poopfucker” found the audio after playing with the code on the announcement date website.

Obviously, this could easily be fake, and it’s hard to trust a Poopfucker. But, there’s morse code hidden in there which was translated by Gurdian Las Vegas, the code says:

“Bridgeport this is Concord -Message- Quabbin is hit – I repeat – Quabbin is hit”

These are all areas around Massachusetts, so it’s likely this game will be set in this area, at least if this rumour is true.