Warhammer 40: Eternal Crusade developer Q&A: Consoles, classes and combat

We managed to harass Migüel Caron, Head of Studio-Online, at Behaviour Interactive into giving us an exclusive interview, (hosted by Jeu-ly Millette.) Behaviour Interactive are currently working on Warhammer’s upcoming MMO, The Eternal Crusade.

The interview is around 20 minutes long and looks at everything from cross platform compatibility to what races and characters you can play. This MMO will shy away from the standard MMORPG and will embrace “console combat”, meaning that we’ll have some heavy action battles.

The Tyranid will make an appearance in the game, and we can expect to see more races later in DLC packs. And the game sticks to one planet, but it’s a big, big planet. And they’re hoping the closed beta could start as early as this year.

Check it out below: