Earthworm Jim And Neverhood Sequel Wont Be Released If Armikrog Doesnt Get Funded

Earthworm Jim and Neverhood have a legendary statues among 90s gamers. However, these games won’t see a sequel if Armikrog doesn’t get funded.

Armikrog is currently available on Crowdfunding. According to the devs, if the Armikrog doesn’t meet its crowdfunding goal, then Earthworm Jim and
Neverhood won’t get sequels.

The reason why the devs might be saying that the Armikrog will net them enough revenue to develop sequels for both of the classic titles.

But, what confuses me is that why the studio isn’t crowdfunding Earthworm Jim sequel or Neverhood sequel. These games have a better chance to reach their crowdfunding goals compared to Armikrog.

It remains to be seen if Armikrog will reach its crowdfunding goal. I really hope it does so that we can play sequels to Earthworm Jim and Neverhood.