EA “will throw everything they have” at Sim City servers

A lot of angry gamers in the US are having trouble connecting to the Sim City servers. EA took down the servers yesterday in an attempt to fix them; it only launched on Tuesday.

Sim City uses a very annoying DRM (Digital Rights Management,) you have to be connected online all the time to play it. This is a way of crippling piracy, but also has a lot of issues. Such as the one highlighted in this article.

Senior producer Kip Katsarelis took to the EA forums to address the gamers.

While the ongoing issues are troubling, we can also see that players are really enjoying the game. In a single 24 hour period, there were more than 38 million buildings plopped down, nearly 7 and a half million kilometers of roads laid down, 18+ million fires started and (my favorite fact) over 40 million pipes filled up with poop.

This team has put everything into this game and won’t stop until things are smooth. We ask our fans to be patient as our team works diligently to fix the issues. We share your passion for SimCity and thank you for your support and understanding.

It’s good to see EA at least address the problem on the forum, it shows a common ground with fans.  For people like me, in the UK we don’t even get it until March 8, so at least the fixes should be well under way.