EA plans free-to-play versions of ‘every major franchise,’ won’t ship offline games

Electronic Arts plans to have free-to-play variants of every major franchise it owns, COO Peter Moore told Engadget in an interview at Gamescom.

“The ability for you to be able to interact with those franchises on a free-to-play basis is going to be part-and-parcel with every major franchise we do now,” Moore said.

EA recently announced Heroes of Dragon Age, a free-to-play mobile game based on the Dragon Age franchise, and revealed that FIFA 14 on mobile will also be free-to-play.

Moore continued to explain how the company sees games as a service, evolving over time through updates and the community.

“We don’t ship a game at EA that is offline,” Moore said. “It just doesn’t happen. And gamers either want to be connected so their stats and achievements reflect who they are, or you want the full multiplayer experience on top of that. We don’t deliver offline experiences anymore.”

Earlier this year, EA’s SimCity required players to have an internet connection to play. The shaky launch week and the requirement itself saw outrage and vitriol from fans of the game, adding to EA’s already-poor reputation with players.

Source: Engadget