EA looking for VR technology developer for Frostbite

It seems as if EA is looking for VR developers to work with their Frostbite engine. In a job posting yesterday, EA mentioned they are looking for someone with experience in C++ programming and a knowledge of VR technology and rendering that can handle the following job description in a Masters Thesis:

  • Explore existing research for relevant subjects
  • Investigate and implement support for Occulus [sic] Rift SDK in the Frostbite Engine
  • Investigate and implement techniques for improving user experience

The fact that EA specifically mentions the Oculus Rift  is significant, as there are already many game houses who have voiced their support for the VR device which is scheduled to ship to developers in May this year. Already the forums are lighting up with ideas and requests for future games to develop with the VR technology including the next Battlefield and a sequel to DICE’s Mirror’s Edge.


The Oculus Rift is a VR headset in development which is designed to provide immersive stereoscopic 3D rendering to video games, with low latency and a large field of vision. The massively successful Kickstarter project raised over $2,400,000 in contributions – ten times the $250,000 they were looking for. The 3D device is available as a pre-order for $300 and comes with a development kit and the Oculus SDK.

Keep in mind that this is a Masters Thesis project that needs to be associated with an education institution and a move to Sweden before you apply.

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