EA files trademark for “Desert Strike”

Remember the “Strike” series from EA way back in the 16-bit era? For those old enough to remember the games, it was an isometric shooter that had you controlling a badass chopper to mow down enemies and cause lots of explosions.

While the last game in the series — Nuclear Strike — was released back in 1997, it seems EA might be planning to reboot the franchise as it filed trademarks for “Desert Strike.”

In a trademark filing at the USPTO spotted by Fusible, it lists EA as the company that filed the tradermark but has no additional info as to what this pertains. Of course, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out it’s more or less for the game franchise itself.

IGN contacted EA to ask for a comment and got a “Nothing to announce today” response, which suspiciously sounds like they’re set to announce something at some point.

As a fan of the old Strike games, I’m all for this happening soon.