EA COO Peter Moore states Battlefield 4 issues on PS4 “aren’t true”

Battlefield 4 released just last week on the PlayStation 4, and the game has had the unfortunate mishap of being a hotbed of errors and crashes on the console. A large number of players have reported experiencing frequent crashes to the PS4’s dynamic menu, with the multiplayer being almost unplayable for many.

Some forums have entire threads dedicated to the multiplayer issues, like this one on NeoGAF.

It’s no surprise that many passionate customers just want to play and enjoy their game on their brand new console, and find fixes for these problems. EA COO Peter Moore has seemingly dismissed the cryout however, saying that claims of issues is “not true”, as seen by his response to a user on Twitter in the screengrab below:

This comes across as quite the ignorant reply, as the issues are widespread on the game. I can personally attest to this as my copy is pretty much unplayable in multiplayer on my PS4, even crashing twice while playing single player, bringing up the dreaded “CE-34878-0″ error notice.

DICE has said they are working on a patch for the game, coming some time next week, but outright denying there is anything wrong with the infrastructure of the game isn’t a wise thing to do.