E3 2013: PS4 won’t require PlayStation+ for online Free-to-Play games, will be a “publisher’s decision”

If you’ve been somehow hiding under a rock throughout the week, you might not have heard that Sony will be launching the PS4 with no DRM restrictions, used games will still work normally and is even $100 cheaper compared to its rival, the Xbox One.

Unfortunately, there’s one little bad news amid all the good ones; and that’s the announcement that online multiplayer on the PS4 will require players be a PlayStation Plus member.

Of course, being a PS+ member isn’t the same as paying online, as Sony fans should know, the publisher releases a couple of free games to the service every month, which you can keep as long as you’re a member. At E3, Sony revealed that this practice will continue on to the PS4.

If you still thought that was bad news, then this might cheer you up. During a roundtable with the media, Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida has revealed that free-to-play (F2P) games won’t require a PlayStation Plus membership for online multiplayer, but that it “As far as free-to-play games are concerned, it’s the publisher’s decision whether they put it inside or outside of PS Plus.”

So, based on what Yoshida said, I assume then that DC Universe Online and Planetside 2 — both Sony Online Entertainment games — won’t require a PS+ membership to play online.

Let’s hope other companies who publishes F2P games on the PS4 will follow suit.