E3 2013: PS4 online multiplayer won’t be free like the PS3′s

We get to report all kinds of news, and we’ve got a bad one this time. Those who don’t have PlayStation Plus will not be able to play online, which basically means that online multiplayer will cost, though it won’t cost that much. PlayStation Plus membership is $50 per annum.

There has been some confusion among gamers about this news. We’d like to clarify that this is authentic news, and that the confusion occurred due to the way Sony revealed the information.

$50 isn’t a lot, but the reason we’re calling this bad news is because a lot of countries do not have access to PlayStation Plus, and gamers in those countries rely on free online multiplayer to play online.

Perhaps, the subscription service will be more widely available in the near future, but until then, this isn’t going to go down too well with everyone.