E3 2013: Battlefield 4 “Spectator Mode” rumoured & counter-knife attack confirmed

While we got a glimpse of Battlefield 4′s multiplayer yesterday with leaked screens from the game’s “Alpha,” it seems DICE is bringing back one more thing Battlefield fans have been requesting for.

Yes, you read the headline right; allegedly, Spectator Mode will be in Battlefield 4!

Here’s the report from Battlefieldo:

Follow us June 11-13 as we live stream the full Battlefield 4™ booth experience straight from the E3 show floor. See the new “Siege of Shanghai” multiplayer map in action, get developer interviews and fan reactions, and see the all-new Spectator mode in action. This live stream is open to anyone with a registered Origin ID account.

If Spectator Mode is indeed back, I assume Battlecorder is, too, no? Hopefully this rumour pans out as Battlecorder is one of the most requested features in Battlefield 3 that was never implemented.

Speaking of another heavily requested feature that fans have wanted in Battlefield, it has now been confirmed that players will be able to counter knife attacks. 

Shown in the screenshot below, and at the end of the following trailer, players will be able to quickly tap a button to prevent an enemy from killing them.