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So for those of you that weren’t watching the Battlefield 4 livestream yesterday, we’ve got a run down of some…

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So for those of you that weren’t watching the Battlefield 4 livestream yesterday, we’ve got a run down of some of the features that you can expect to see when the game releases. These features are in no particular order and are just what we observed during the stream yesterday! 5-man squads Commander mode will not take up a player slot, same with the spectators (I presume you can join as a player and spectate or just join as a spectator) Massively destructive environments, the skyscraper that we saw falling down is down to the player and in real time (not scripted) Spectator mode confirmed, will have “Table Top”, FPS, third-person and free-cam options for your viewing experience You can “sprint” in the water to swim faster Able to dive under the water (no idea if this is a limited time or not) to avoid gun fire Commander abilities will depend on what checkpoints you currently hold in the map When the skyscraper collapses a lot of debris and dust will be floating around for the rest of the round, reducing player visibility Mentions of in-game VOIP Skyscraper collapsing will cause dynamic waves across the map Ability to counter-attack knife takedowns 64 players and 60fps (frames-per-second) has been confirmed for next-gen consoles Suppression has been nerfed for all non-support weapons and whilst in close-quarter combat situations Elevator music! Limited ammo for MBTs, suggestions that it might regenerate over time The map feels more alive with metal detectors, gates, fire extinguishers and more which will all be interactable Possible flash bangs Defibrillators need to be charged before each use One large health pack for your team and a smaller personal(?) one for you, personal possibly has a limited number of uses Vehicle disabling has been re-worked to take into consideration what part of the vehicle has been damaged Squad leader gets a custom commorose, no custom squads (not sure what this means exactly) Possibility that snipers can measure the distance to a target using the “V” key Pistols can be customized Recon motion mine will be making a return Thanks NeoGAF for helping me remember what there was in that livestream, so much info!

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