Dota 2 users add over $1 million to The International 2013′s prize pool

Dota 2 users have donated over $1 million to The International 2013′s prize pool by purchasing Dota 2 Compendiums. The prize pool started off at $1,600,000 and currently amounts to $2,671,525.

A Compendium costs $10, the purchase of which not only contributes $2.50 to the prize pool, but it also allows users to create Dota 2 fantasy teams and make predictions for the upcoming tournament. Over 400,000 Compendiums have been sold thus far.

Compendium owners get an immortal item in their backpack. Users may receive immortal items from The Heroes Pudge, Kunkka, Abbadon, Vengeful Spirit, and Lone Druid. Some items also have special animations attached to them.

Dota 2 has recently achieved the feat of having over 400,000 concurrent players. It’s safe to say that upcoming tournament will be a huge hit. For those considering getting into Dota 2, now is a good time to do so!

Source: Destructoid