DICE: Battlefield 4′s launch will be the “smoothest” yet, but expect bugs

DICE’s Patrick Bach has said that he expects the launch of Battlefield 4 to be the smoothest one yet. However, players should expect a few bugs here and there.

Speaking to OXM, Bach said:

We had our list of known bugs, and the list the beta testers sent back, and they were quite well-matched. The funny thing is, the first hour the game goes live with a beta like this, we have more testing that hour than we’ve had in the entire project. It gives us a big chunk of information that we need to then cater for. I would hope it would be a smoother experience than we’ve had before with any previous Battlefield game.

Elsewhere in the interview, Bach said that DICE “wept” with Rockstar when they ran into a series of problems with GTA Online. Defending the company, he said that “there are so many things that can go wrong” that you “never know until you’ve launched.”