DICE admits they weren’t “quite happy” with Battlefield 3′s destruction

Not satisfied with Battlefield 3′s destruction mechanics? Apparently, you’re not the only one, as DICE themselves has admitted that they, too, aren’t satisfied how BF3′s destruction was handled.

Speaking to EDGE, DICE producer Patrick Bach was asked whether there’s something in BF3 that they weren’t’ satisfied with and wanted to address in Battlefield 4; and yep, one of ‘em was destruction and the UI.

Destruction. Destruction was something we weren’t quite happy with. There were some balancing things when it comes to the kits that we’re also looking into…the Recon now has more defensive and offensive ways of playing. Customisation – we saw how popular it had turned in Battlefield 3, so we’re adding more customisation options. One thing people don’t talk about that often is the menu, the UI system.

Speaking of the UI, Bach claims BF4′s is better and even states that spawning in vehicles in BF3 was “a mess.”

This is better, yeah. We spent a lot of energy on that. Battlefield, you could argue, is a very complicated game in one way, but it’s also a very simple game in another. We didn’t want to remove, like, spawn points, we didn’t want to remove the option to spawn [with] friends, to spawn in vehicles…because previously that was a mess. In BF3 that was not good. It was horrible at times.

Make sure to read the entire thing, as Bach also comments on the difference between Bad Company 2 and BF3 and much more.

With BF4 set for release later this month, we’ll know for sure if the destruction will indeed “be better” compared to BF3. Hopefully Bach’s words ring true and we’ll be able to level entire fields once again.