Destiny will have three playable races

According to Eurogamer Destiny will have three playable races, Humans, Exo and  the Awoken; the humans are pretty standard. All three of these races are playable. It seems the power of three trends into customization beyond race choice too.

The Awoken were made with Elves, angels, vampires and ghosts in mind. The result? Sexy ghost lady!

The Exo are unstoppable killing machines, Bungie looked at Master Chief, The Terminator and the undead; can you have zombie robots?

Apparently there was meant to be a fourth race, the Noble a wise race of tiger men, they’re kind of like beast from X-Men.

The character customization opens are pretty open allowing you to change everything from hair to tattoos. Then onto combat style too! There’s three kinds of combat styles:

  • The Titan
  • The Hunter
  • The Warlock

The Titan is kind of like the warrior class taking on the role of mobile tank like a Space Marine.

The Hunter is more like a sniper, cloth and cloaks and inspired by cowboy westerns.

The Warlock is your mage character, but with a gun. Kind of like a Siren from Borderlands I imagine.