Destiny interview examines exotic weapons, vehicles, and multiplayer

In a recent video, PlayStation Access spoke with Bungie Community Manager Eric “Urk” Osborne and David “DeeJ” Dague on Destiny’s exotic weapons, vehicles, and multiplayer.

In the video, Osborne and Dague explained that players will be able to earn exotic weapons, special named-weapons with their own backstories, by completing specific achievements. They said there will also be exotic armor to help define the many players you’ll encounter.

In order to travel around Destiny’s multi-planet world, players will have access to customizable ships, according to Osborne and Dague. On a planet, though, players will be able to ride bike-like vehicles called the “Sparrow” and the “Pike”.

When it comes to grouping up with friends, well, Osborne and Dague remained coy, but hinted at a clan system like Bungie’s previous games.

Destiny will launch in 2014.

Source: PlayStation Access on YouTube